Dave日記Vol. 2

この日記の説明は ここに書いてあります.

- - -

Hello everyone and welcome to my Fukushima nightlife
diary. My focus will be bars and restaurants in the
Fukushima area.

First a little history.
My name is David Harriman, and
I'm living in Fukushima. I'm originally from just
outside Toronto, Canada. Oakville is the name of my
hometown (http://www.oakville.ca).

Throughout highschool I spent most of my summer
teaching tennis to children through the Oakville Parks
and Recreation Center. In 2000, after graduating from
Mohawk College in Hamilton for Music Performance I
began working for Carnival Cruise Lines as a saxophone
player in the orchestra. In 2003, I first came to
Fukushima for a 3 months stay. Within a year I was back
in Fukushima and teaching English and Music at AGORA

Among my many interests are music, movies, computers,
drinking, karaoke and onsens (hotsprings). I hope you
enjoy the following accounts and invite you to send
any questions or comments. And since I'm always
looking for someplace new and exciting, feel free to
recommend your favourite restaurant or bar.

See U soon!

Kyo Mo Onaka Ippai Dave Niki

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Nice to meet you!

Can you enter in a hot spring, nude? I thought whether a foreigner hated entering a hot spring in nude.
It is completely a Japanese!! 

I write it as translation service of Internet and my English power. Please allow to be strange(^o^)

I make it diary pleasure. See you☆
Posted by   ☆Cherry☆ at 2005年09月24日 22:39
Nice to meet you.It's nice to know we have a great (and cute!) kindergarten teacher.Keep up the good work.

Posted by Kris G at 2005年09月27日 08:49
To Cherry - Actually, I love hot springs. It felt a little strange going nude the first time. But now it's not a problem at all and I go to onsens every chance I get!

Thanks Cherry,
Posted by Dave at 2005年09月27日 13:27
Thanks for the nice comment Kris. がんばります。
Posted by Dave at 2005年09月27日 13:32
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