The Agora 2007 Summer Camp


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Happy New Year!

Along with all the staff at AGORA I wish everyone a very happy new year. This time of year always brings up the issue of how to use the greeting "Happy New Year!" Year in and year out I always notice on cards, billboards, newspapers, etc. the phrase "A Happy New Year." For most it may not be a big deal but it really gets to me! So, to recap what I tell my students, "The use of 'A' is required in a phrase such as I WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR or I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS. When greeting someone on December 25th would you say 'A Merry Christmas!'?? Or, on January 1st 'A Happy New Year!'?? So remember, only use 'A' if the greeting is used in a grammatical phrase.

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ところ:レフルール(福島市新浜町内 ビストロ風フランス料理店)

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Fukushima – Enjoying French culture in Japan!

Over 16 years have passed since I settled in this beautiful city in north eastern Japan. With a population of barely 260,000 people it is dwarfed by the Kanto plain (Tokyo and its surrounding region) 300 km away with its 30,000,000 strong. This relatively small city has incredibly good European food and produce. My wine cellar is well stocked with \350 ($3) vintage wine from Spain which accompanies well almost any meal. They are, of course, kept company by some famous labels from Bordeaux! Of course, when it comes to wine there is no limit to the price one can pay but what is exceptional is the variety available here in Fukushima. And, the prices compare well to France and are definitely cheaper than Canada due to very low import duties!

Excellent French restaurants also abound through out Japan and Fukushima is no exception. Unfortunately, the Japanese seem to know only of the upper end fine French cuisine which few in France actually eat!

This brings me to a party I am organizing on December 14th (2006). The theme is “Good Food! Good Time! Good Price!” The cost is \3000 and includes olives de Provence as an amuse-bouce; salade nicoise; lamb couscous; mousse au chocolat; coffee; red wine; selection of French cheeses; and baguette. The meal will be accompanied by live jazz with David Harriman performing on the saxophone. Location: Bistrot Bar & Restaurant Les Fleurs. If interested in joining the party, send me a quick message!
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It was a pretty nice place

DiVerde - 02.JPGLet me just start by saying that I can’t believe how many
Italian restaurants are in Fukushima. I
’m not knocking it or anything, it’s sometimes nice to
sit down to a nice pasta dish with some salad and a glass
(or bottle) of red wine. And the menus are usually in
Katakana or at least have a Katakana explanation under the
Kanji. My only problem then is remembering the Italian

A little while ago, DiVerde - 03.jpgDiVerde - 04.JPG続きを読む to be continue
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Dave日記 Vol.6

Den - 01.JPGDen - 02.JPGA couple of entries ago, I told everyone about Bangkok
Ramen. I feel that it is only fair now that I feature a
Miso Ramen restaurant (and this one comes with an
interesting story).

to be continued.
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DSC03816.JPG10月29日(土) 14:00〜16:00  
1:45 市民会館(霞町)1階ホール集合

AGORA玄関先の大きなかぼちゃ近いうちジャックオーランタンに変身します。パレードの日は思い思いの仮装をして恒例のTrick or Treat tour(周辺家庭の協力で各玄関先であめなどを頂く子どもが大好きな行事です。) もちろん保護者参加お待ちしています。

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Dave日記 Vol.5

Uotami - 03.jpgUotami - 02.jpgUotami - 01.jpgIzakaya - Uotami

My home away from home. Oh sweet land of cheap beer and
snack food.続きを読む
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Dave 日記 Vol.4

Bangkoku - 03.JPGBangkoku - 02.JPGBangkoku - 01.JPGAmong many other Japanese foods, I love ramen.

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Dave 日記Vol.3

Rausu - Hikari Building


This was an interesting little restaurant, that has
just recently opened. Located in the Hikari building
on the 2nd floor.

The restaurant has a very simple decor, and is fairly
small seating about 5-6 people at the bar and about
10-15 at the two tables. However, I find that this
definitely adds to the charm of the restaurant.

The owner, Takeuchisan, was very nice. I sampled a few
of the smaller dishes (delicious), and the fish comes
highly recommended. With a nice array of sake and
beer, this is definitely the place for a special night
out. Be prepared to pay at least \5000, but also ready
to enjoy a truly Japanese dining experience.

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Dave日記Vol. 2

この日記の説明は ここに書いてあります.

- - -

Hello everyone and welcome to my Fukushima nightlife
diary. My focus will be bars and restaurants in the
Fukushima area.

First a little history.
My name is David Harriman, and
I'm living in Fukushima. I'm originally from just
outside Toronto, Canada. Oakville is the name of my
hometown (http://www.oakville.ca).

Throughout highschool I spent most of my summer
teaching tennis to children through the Oakville Parks
and Recreation Center. In 2000, after graduating from
Mohawk College in Hamilton for Music Performance I
began working for Carnival Cruise Lines as a saxophone
player in the orchestra. In 2003, I first came to
Fukushima for a 3 months stay. Within a year I was back
in Fukushima and teaching English and Music at AGORA

Among my many interests are music, movies, computers,
drinking, karaoke and onsens (hotsprings). I hope you
enjoy the following accounts and invite you to send
any questions or comments. And since I'm always
looking for someplace new and exciting, feel free to
recommend your favourite restaurant or bar.

See U soon!

Kyo Mo Onaka Ippai Dave Niki
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Dave 日記 Vol.1

Explanation of this column is written here.

- - -


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